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Super Women of Australia falling behind

30 May

Super Women of Australia falling behind


A hot topic at the moment, particularly in the lead up to the Federal Election, is the disparity between men and women’s superannuation in Australia. On average, women in Australia will retire with around half the superannuation balance of men. Why? Women still earn less than men, even for equivalent

19 Apr

What is a double dissolution everyone is talking about?


Our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has laid down the gauntlet to the Australian Senate; pass the government’s industrial relations legislation or a double dissolution will be called! But what even is a double dissolution election and what does it mean?   In a usual, ordinary election half the seats in

24 Mar

The Golden rules of starting out in investing


If you’re new to investing it’s important to learn the golden rules first. Doran Financial Services have collated their top rules for those starting out in investing.   Ensure you have a safety net Having a bit of financial insurance is a great idea for two important reasons. If the

25 Feb

Why Trauma Insurance is Important


Did you know that three in every four Australians will be diagnosed with a serious illness during their working life? In fact, one in three men and one in four women will suffer from cancer in their lifetime and half of those will live more than five years after diagnosis.

04 Feb

Super Tips by the Generations


If you consider the mandatory superannuation contribution of 9.5% over a 35 year career, earning $100,000 – $150,000 per annum, you will have a retirement income of around 50% of your pre-retirement income. According to welfare groups and income specialists, 70% is a much more appropriate level. So until such